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Los Angeles Repossession Attorneys

You were probably excited to buy your vehicle and you paid good money for it. The last thing you expected was to have a defective product on your hands -- what do you do with it?

Deal in good faith with the dealer and manufacturer, and document your dealings with them. If the problem is not resolved promptly, call the Law Offices of Michael S. Humphries. If you have stopped making payments on the car or truck, perhaps it was repossessed. The law protects you even if you are no longer in possession of the vehicle.

A recent case was brought in California by a woman against Kia, the manufacturer of a new car she purchased. She experienced serious problems with her car, but did her best to have them repaired and to keep the car. Ultimately, she left the car with a dealer demanding the defects be repaired. She stopped making payments and the Kia was indeed repossessed. In this case the court held that California's Lemon Law still covered her. Her expenses and losses were ordered to be paid by Kia.

This new interpretation of the existing law benefits you in the case of repossession of your vehicle.

The law also protects you if you have leased a defective vehicle rather than having purchased it. Though you have surrendered the vehicle, you may still have a Lemon Law claim.

To learn more about repossession of defective products call the Law Offices of Michael S. Humphries. There is no risk in calling us. We offer free consultations and most cases are taken on a contingency basis. Contact the Orange County repo lawyers today at (562) 375-0545. Se habla Español.

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