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Implied Warranties

Los Angeles Implied Warranties Attorneys

An implied warranty seems like common sense: if someone is selling an item, there is an inherent understanding that it will meet the purpose for which one buys such an item. The standards of the trade are relevant. Those who deal in that product would accept it as adequate.

An express warranty makes specific promises about the product and is limited to a certain time period. An implied warranty is more general, but even though it is not in writing, it is enforceable. It exists in the law although it is not in a brochure or documented in the sale.

Any product sold with an express warranty also has an implied warranty, and the implied warranty runs with the express one. An express warranty may also cover only certain components, say the engine of an automobile. But the implied warranty covers the entire vehicle and all components.

Pre-owned Products

Even a used car generally has a limited express warranty in writing. It may be only a 30-day warranty, but the implied warranty is valid for the same time period.

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