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Avoid Lemons: Nearly Three Million Recalled Cars Have Never Been Fixed

When you purchase a vehicle you want it to work, and when a vehicle does not work as promised or expected you expect the situation to be fixed. Unfortunately, the party who sold the vehicle is not always the most reliable individual to help resolve the situation. Fortunately, however, consumers have an array of state and federal laws that can help them enforce their rights.

There are many cars and trucks on the road today with unresolved safety issues. According to Carfax there were more than 2.7 million used vehicles for sale over the Internet in 2011 with safety recalls that were never fixed. California, along with Texas and Florida, led the country with having the greatest number of used cars for sale with safety recalls that were not resolved. Each state had more than 100,000 of such vehicles for sale last year.

Sometimes consumers may miss an update on a recall that applies to them because used cars change hands so often. Fortunately, it's easy to check whether your vehicle is subject to any safety recalls. You can check whether your vehicle is subject to a recall campaign by reviewing www.safercar.gov. If your car is subject to a recall, do not disregard the notice. Repairs for a recall are supposed to be free. Something may be fishy if someone tells you otherwise.

More often, consumers usually experience car trouble outside of safety recalls. When car trouble occurs soon after a vehicle is purchased or after a warranty is promised, and a manufacturer or seller is unable to repair the vehicle, a consumer may be entitled to enforce his or her rights under various laws. A consumer who purchases a car from a dealership may be entitled to enforce the implied warranty of merchantability, which promises that a product sold is in good working order and will function as it's supposed to function. A consumer who purchases a car from a dealer in California and the dealer makes an express warranty or sells a service contract with the car may be entitled to enforce the express warranty under California's Lemon Law. If you purchased your car outside of California the transaction may be covered by that state's law or by the federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.

If you have purchased a lemon or a bad product, an experienced lemon law and consumer product attorney can help you resolve your issue.

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